About Befriend

We’re includers. We live by that thing your Mum always told you; treat others how you’d like to be treated. We believe that every life matters, every person has value, and that we are stronger together. Befriend is more than just a way to meet up; it’s a movement of togetherness.

We’ve been sensing what you’re feeling; a world that seems to be becoming increasingly disconnected and divided. That’s not the sort of world we want to live in, so we started Befriend to do something pretty simple - To bring people together.

We believe that the fabric of strong communities is woven with relationships, connections between people from different backgrounds and walks of life, people of all ages and abilities, people new to a place, people at all stages of life. It is through our connections to each other that we can bridge all divides, and tackle any issue that life throws at us. Stronger, together.

This Network is a place to find fun things to do with new people in the real world - Play with puppies, learn a language, sing Sea Shanties. But with your help, it can be so much more. This is your way to find more connection in your own life, and foster more connection for others too. So courageously overcome the nerves, and show up (don’t worry, every first-timer is just as nervous as you!) Bring that cheeky smile. Extend your welcoming hand to another. Offer a kind word to a stranger. Start that first conversation. Break out your best awkward Dad-joke to break the ice. Create your own Group to find others who share your interests. Host gatherings to bring people together. Bring a plate of food to share. It all starts with you.

This is a website to support the running of real-world social and interest-based groups and gatherings, that welcome all adults. Newcomers are welcomed, and regular participation is encouraged, to strengthen connections for all. All gatherings and groups are Hosted, making it that much easier to ensure you are always greeted by a friendly face.

Taking the first steps towards joining something new for the first time can be daunting for all of us. But there’s a community of friendly people here just waiting for you to reach out. Post in a group to introduce yourself, and ask questions. Or get in touch with our Community Support Team on 0404 831 201 or at rsvp@befriend.org.au

Don’t be a stranger!

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